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Thread: #210 - ION mod idea by Llew

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    #210 - ION mod idea by Llew

    Since architecture and computers are both cool, a Cathedral computer would be almost too cool to live with. Almost. :wink:

    Disk drives could be located in the transepts (side wings) and/or front, with on/off buttons cleverly disguised as windows or other features of the architecture.

    The windows of course could light up with a really stunning array of lights, to.

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    #210 - ION mod idea by Llew

    Nice idea. Since we're dealing with a square board, you could turn the board on it's side for the main part and have the HDD/DVD drives come out the front. With a bit of lighting, this would definitely be one breathtaking mod to create, and it would fit me too.

    Since I like this idea, I will tell you that you should flesh out the idea (with component costs) and not just have a vague rendering. The side windows could be case fans as well, given how huge they are, with fan screens to look like the stained glass windows.

    Kudos, m8

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    #210 - ION mod idea by Llew

    Excellent ideas Krazeek. I'll flesh it out a bit, and perhaps put together a quick 3D model as well.

    The case fans as windows would be perfect.

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