I would like to see a case mod honoring our fallen heroes in Irag and Afghanistan. I read today on Wikipedia.org that there have been very few service members who have been nominated for awards, particularly the Medal of Honor, because both Democrats and Republicans fear the publicity over the nominations. Democrats don't want to aggrandize the conflicts, and Republicans don't want their choices heavily scrutinized by the the Dems, according to the author. As a former US Navy Hospital Corpsman, I understand the importance of having one's services to one's country honored. I found two images from a car show where an artist airbrushed images of fallen soldiers on two separate vehicles. I would like to see a case mod that strives for the same ideal.

The images could be generic, depicting service men and women in their various roles, or they could specifically depict fallen soldiers. I would like to see the insignia of all three branches of the Dept. of Defense, and the insignia of the Coast Guard, who have been instrumental in safeguarding commercial vessels and their crews. The branch insignia should be laser cut and further highlighted with airbrushed details. The face panel should be in matte olive drab green with analog controls similar to those found on field radios, because in the field you're radio is as important as your rifle! Since I am a former Navy Corpsman, I would like to see a Caduceus prominently displayed on the top panel. There should also be an American flag that wraps around the entire case. Other than these few specificities, the case artist should be free to exercise his or her creativity.[web]http://www.iraqslogger.com/fullimage.php?img=77578788_10.jpg[/web]