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Thread: 25mm Plexi

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    25mm Plexi

    I have just aquired a piece of acrylic 25mm (1&#34 thick, it's beautiful but I don't really know what to do with it. The dimensions are, 315mm x 315mm x 25mm it has corners with a radius of approx 75mm. It also has 8 mounting holes Ø10mm. Here are some pics:

    This is one idea I had but I have never worked with bondo before and I'm not sure how easy it will be to avoid getting it on the plex.

    I don't really want to cut it because it's so thick and I haven't got many tools apart from the basic power tools (dremel, drill, sander, router, circular saw).

    Anyone got any ideas?


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    25mm Plexi

    You could try rubber molding or if you really want to do something with it make a "picture frame"

    But bondo isnt too hard to work with theres a worklog somewhere on here that shows you how to work with it

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    25mm Plexi

    I was right, here you go, its a little over 1/4th of the way down

    anyways i dont suggest using bondo on the plexi considering bondo needs to be sanded down, I suggest using some rubber molding

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    25mm Plexi

    Thanks for the reply, how would I make rubber mouldings to fit around the plex?


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    25mm Plexi

    generall u can get rubber moulding from auto shops ect and they should fit it in the side of the case.

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    25mm Plexi

    I've never seen rubber moulding 25mm thick though.

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    25mm Plexi

    quite possible, it maybe out there perhaps... just keep looking. unsure where to look but perhaps try the resources that are in modders-inc.

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