If you can't read the words in the picture.

Skateboard: The skateboard should be smaller so it's more space compatible

Helmet: The PC should be small and look like a skateboarding helmet. The shape of a helmet is a nice looking shape. So lets put it into something that deserves a nice shape

Holes: There should be mini fans were the holes on a skateboard helmet go

Wheels: So you may wheel it around and keep it off the ground for dust

I don't know if this design is done before, and I don't know if you can have more then one picture. It's hard to see the words in my first picture so please bear with me.

Anyways as you can see in my picture above my design is a skateboard. The skateboard is designed in so you can easily wheel your ion PC around without buying a PC cart. The skateboard should be colorful and attractive, but small and light so that you may carry it with the PC just as easily.

I like PC's in different shapes rather than the plain old "box". The skateboard helmet is neat and an attractive shape. Plus a PC just slightly bigger then a helmet makes a pretty compact PC.

There are holes on the top of a helmet. You could place fans(in the helmet holes), small enough to stay silent, but enough to do the job. I want a skateboard theme mainly so I can share a fun computer with my little brother. My sister might also enjoy it.

Obviously a good graphics card might help my bro finally get the game he wants. He can never play the game he wants because our Vostro 200 slim, isn't exactly a gamers dream.

So it should probably include the ZOTAC ION ITX 330 motherboard.

Basically, if you make a PC the size of a protec helmet(skater), you got a low power running, super small pc with powerful graphics.


A link to a smaller version of my pic. Just in case I go over the 1 MB limit. I would be sad if I was disqualified for pic size.

I know my pics not attractive but we can't all be artists.