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Thread: #201 - ION Mod Idea by Aarkanum

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    #201 - ION Mod Idea by Aarkanum

    Just a rough idea for a canister based PC...Of course the mobo will have to be loaded from the top, attached to the lid would be a good idea for easier cleaning and access. Would require a light bit of tack welding to attach to lid. Not sure about logo placement or port placement. CD/dvd/blu-ray drive would be a simple horizontal slot towards the bottom of the barrel. I did go through all the pages, this hasn't been mentioned before.

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    #201 - ION Mod Idea by Aarkanum

    I think you have the start of a good idea, but why not mount it vertically and have the HDD and CD-ROM be mounted on both sides of the vertical motherboard. This would keep the space down, and give you room for some neat effects.

    The effect I was thinking of is to have a piece of smoky plastic (you can buy fluorescent light covers that would work well) and mount that in the open top of the case with some super-bright green LEDs in it to give the image of glowing toxic waste. The CD drive would come out of the case where the nuclear logo is, and the back would have the connection points. With very little modification, you could have a real eye-catcher at the next LAN-party.


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