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Thread: #202 - ION Mod Idea by m4e

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    #202 - ION Mod Idea by m4e

    Being that the ION design is marketed around general computing and HD video playback, it makes sense to me to design an ION PC around one of America’s favorite pastimes.

    I don’t know about the rest of the general public but of all the interruptions that occur while watching movies at home it seem to me that the most bothersome is the need to refill food and drinks. Usually forcing me to pause the movie and head to the kitchen. Sure you can stock extra food and drink next to you at the start of the movie, but keeping it cold becomes a problem over time. So why not bring the refrigerator to the movie?
    I propose… The ION Snackbox! An ION PC based/built around a mini-frige that holds your drinks and cold snacks.

    Items & Pricing…

    1.7 Cubic Foot Mini-Frige $80 (
    2 x 2gb DDR2 800 $45 (
    1 x Western Digital 500gb Sata3.0 3.5” HDD OEM WD50000AAKS $55 (
    1 x Sony BR-5100S Blu-Ray/DVD Drive (Includes Cyberlink Power DVD @ $65
    1 x AverMedia MTVHBVMXR USB Interface TV Tuner $75 (
    1 x Windows Vista Home Premium 64bit OEM $100 (
    1 x Logitech MK300 Wireless Mouse and Keyboard with Media playback buttons $40 (

    Component sub-total: $460

    Hopefully you can pick up a sufficient power supply for $40, and I hope I’m not missing any key components that would run the prices up.

    Rules from Nvidia Newsletter: “Not exceed a $500 budget for components”


    Image Taken from

    I would suggest mounting the PC on the left side (looking at the face of the frige) as low as possible. Then use any available space above the PC area to construct a rack of sorts, to hold Remote(s), magazines, coasters, napkins/paper towels, maybe even a paper towel holder mounted on top.

    Thanks for reading,

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    #202 - ION Mod Idea by m4e

    You could use that, or you could save even more money by replacing Vista (ick) with a Linux distro, such as Ubuntu, which is free and they even have a version made for netbooks (which this would essentially be). Or you could wait til Oct 22nd and just load Win 7 on it.

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