ION Toy Tank PC

A small toy tank just large enough to hold the ION.
Just an immobile toy tank would work perfect.

Would have all the awesome ION hookups to allow to plug in and game with any Monitor or TV; HDMI, DVI, the works. A cut hinged trunk would store the ports or across the bottom of the tank out of sight. If it were on a stand then hinging the tracks to reveal the ports, front and back, would work well too.

If possible, a remote controlled one that shoots air soft ammo. Removing the lower motors and gutting it would leave room and still keeping the cannon still functional would be a plus. Would love to shoot someone with my remote controlled computer cannon, hehe. No one would ever believe it's a computer. That is, untill they saw me playing a game with it.

A Battlefield Heros, Zotac, Nvidia PC tank that could "blow" competition away. Now that's some fun.