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Thread: #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    My idea is kind of simple. I thought that the buildings that make up the Nvidia Headquarters had an interesting shape, so that is basically what the mod is based on.

    Here is a picture of the buildings that make up the Nvidia Headquarters.

    And based off the general shape of one of the buildings, this is what I came up with.

    If the links work, you will be able to see how some of the parts are meant to be relatively layed out. An intake fan on top, mesh on the sides to allow for some airflow, and a disk drive.

    I think I might still add a couple of things here and there, but this is just my basic idea.
    BTW this was made with paint so I know it looks kinda crappy, lol.

    EDIT: Here is another image showing how some of the internal hardware would be layed out.

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    Very interesting idea. I never knew their buildings looked like that

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    Thanks. I never knew what they looked like either, and probably many other people too.

    The design could probably also allow it to maybe set it up on a stand of some kind, but even if it was, I would personally still keep it laying down. And maybe on an area where there is a flat surface, there could be a cut out of the Nvidia logo with some kind of see-through panel to peek at the inside.

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    I bet you didnt know, until you seen the post i saw as well, i think it's kinda lame to plagerize someone elses idea in a contest, is there a rule against that? a cracklejackel already did this idea, shame on you sneak thief, did you write the constitution also,? i want to say this is laughable and just plain sad that you cant have an original thought. if this is the kinda contest nVidia wants perhaps I and all i know will just go back to ATI !!!
    I will take a keen interest to see how this particular idea transpires... 0-0 makes me sick

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    bakeclam, calm down - There are half a dozen ideas out there that many people have posted variations on - seems this one is no different. It happens. It doesn't necessarily mean the OP plagiarized it.

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    Dude, how was I supposed to know if somebody else had given an idea like this already. At the time that I posted this, there were 6 pages of posts, and I know that not everyone has seen every single post.

    I just looked at the post you were referring to, and I see now how you thought this might have been plagiarism. But whether that person's idea counts is questionable too because hes got like 3 ideas on one thread. And I really don't think it is plagiarism because it's not like I copied his design. I have my own design.

    And if you have seen an idea like this before, you should have just said something simple to let me know. It is immature to just start assuming that I plagiarized and start accusing me of stealing ideas when it still hasn't been officially looked at.

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    well I suppose that I may have jumped quickly, however now you do know the idea was already done , so why not do the honerable thing and remove and or replace yours, I apoligize if i insulted your integrity, so now that its cleared up , will you still want to use the same idea as someone else? so i say, what will you do now? Please make my earlier statement incorrect.

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    You seem so eager to make me throw this away and to make me look like I did something unspeakable...

    From what I see, it is still up in the air because the other person who posted this also posted two other ideas in the same thread (its supposed to be one per thread), and its not like I stole a design, this was my design.

    If its possible, I would like a mod or a judge to take a look at this situation to just clarify whether my idea still counts or not.

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    Don't go jumping to conclusions. As I stated prior. You could have 5 modders do mods based on the same original idea and they will all be different.

    The first post has multiple ideas in his thread with the last one being a simple picture and nothing stating how he would go about the design of a mod based on the building. NissanGTR's isnt using the same image, while at the same time, he has added text to explain what he is thinking.

    I also told CrackleJackal that his post needs to be fixed. Each design is suppose to be in its own thread to be a valid entry. So as it stands right now the additional ideas in that thread are not valid entries. If and when the post is fixed we will deal with any issues. Please refrain from pointing fingers here. This is meant to be a fun contest and any issues will be dealt with accordingly.

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    #255 - ION mod idea by NissanGTR

    I was not pointing fingers, if i were pointing fingers i would have mentioned alot of ideas that are the same as modded boxes on google images, take a look, i was just speakin my mind, If its all good then ill just copy paste everyones idea, I more or less was sayin doood its been done, but who cares i guess, it is what it is.

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