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Thread: #304 - ION Mod idea by MJ

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    #304 - ION Mod idea by MJ

    Imagine you call your friends over and tell them you want to show them your new computer....They come but they don't see any computer, All they see is a couple of consoles a TV a wooden fireplace/chimney, and a bed. they are confuse and say where is it.....You say it's the fireplace/chimney. Here are some pictures.

    Mind the dust will you :wink:
    Anyways of course the screen would have to be a bit more above it's original position. The Back can hold More than enough Hardware and wires. No one would even think you own a PC when coming into your room. So when starting it up just say "lets fire it up!"
    Here is a smaller version of what it would be.

    Courtesy of my own 2 chimneys by the way.

    EDIT:Of course this in a size of a regular computer would be out of this world!

    2nd Edit:This would be somewhat where the USB's CD-DVD would be and other things too.

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    #304 - ION Mod idea by MJ

    the fire place part could be a touch screen monitor or regular screen.

    saw it in a movie

    digital fireplace

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