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Thread: #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    This is a cool idea....

    I wonder if you could pipe tank water over the CPU and Chipset to cool them.

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    unless you have a sort of way to cool the computer be ready to add seasoning to that fish stew.the fishes will die cause of transfer of heat. plus if anything broke and water got inside the computer..its over zap...fried circuits.
    plus i already did the mineral oil mod but better...

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    This idea is great. A cool idea would be to add watercooling. So i mean, the tubes go inside the water tank, through the water where the fish swim and into the pc compartment.

    Just make sure you get tropical fish that enjoy warm water.

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    It would cost a fortune to ship with the fish in it. :mrgreen: We can only pray the UPS man sees the 'this side up' sticker!

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    you guys are busting his chaps too much.. it actually works just fine. One thing you have to consider is that the pc itself is not going to suspend itself in mid tank.. Add 2 clear pipes about 60mm in width. One horizontal for air inlet and the other vertical for air outlet. This way there is mild air flow inside the PC as well as not heating up the tank and making a koi stir soup. Dude thats a brilliant Idea. Even more so if you use a clear acrylic mini itx case, this way you can view the pc and the fish all at once. Plastic is not very heat conductive so the heat generated from the pc will not affect the fish. Dude, go with it. Good luck

    Dude,, Run with it man. I included a pic of how you can squash the haters....

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    Why not have all the cables running down the tube in the middle, with the DVD/BD drive mounted to the base, and basically extend all the ports on the back panel of the motherboard to the back of the base? You could also include Water-Cooling into this by putting a radiator into the base, with tubes running through the fish tank to add to the aesthetics (using Nvidia green coolant), with the fish still able to swim around, the water-cooling could be just a regular water-cooling loop, but submerged, so the fish don't suffer from heat, and leaks won't cause the computer parts to fry instantly.

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    yeah, you would have to use the water for some kind of cooling, idk how to get a fan to work. You'd need some kind of exhaust.

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    It is a good idea but its just a bit tired. I mean I have seen every version of a fish tank machine exept for one with live fish which as you said this would be.

    The biggest problem in building one of these things like I have is power supply placement. Put it in the wrong place and the fan will kill the fish. the second would be the heat. I would put a tube just above the cpu fan so that air can be let out through it.

    also you can't build one from plexy glass or acrylic blanks you have to actually buy a fish tank or it will leak no matter how much silicon you use.

    also hard drives and dvd drives do heat up so to cut down on that you can use the ones from an notebook.

    But dude yeah run with it like Foxtrot-7 said.

    you have to create a tube for all the cables so that there is no chance of water getting to them. its a lot of work.

    you may also be able to power the filter from the power supply. and you guys would have to find a way to clean all the fish poo with out having to take the entire thing apart

    this one I think holds real fish and is usb powered

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    I would put a tube just above the cpu fan so that air can be let out through it.
    The CPU fan doesn't exhaust air, it intakes cool air over the CPU so it doesn't overheat. If you were to water-cool it, you'd run tubing through the water in the fish tank, to the base, where there would be a radiator to dissipate the heat. You could use some sort of non-conductive oil for this like the Hardcore Computers Reactor uses, and submerge the inner area in non-conductive oil, which gets pumped through to the radiator in the base.

    Just put the radiator like that on the back or something. The base can be thicker, and you could make the extra space a "cave-like" area for the fish too. The coolant for the water-cooling should be green because it's the Nvidia color (If there's water-cooling in it).

    EDIT: Yes, my paint skills fail. You should be able to get the point hopefully.

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    #378 - ION Mod idea by thetech

    I designed it with the intention of using the ZOTAC IONITX-A-U Atom N330 1.6GHz Dual-Core Mini ITX Intel Motherboard (trying to keep with in the rules) witch near as I can tell it has an internal power supply like a laptop. The biggest feature is the slide in tray that the motherboard and DVD ROM and Hard drive mount to. The tray slides into the back of the fish tank on the back the tray you will see a fan and perforated holes for ventilation. I believe it would be enough ventilation because it is a low voltage board. As for the Hard drive I had every intention of installing a “2.5” “laptop Hard drive” to cut down on space and heat. As fare as fish go I don’t think it will heat up the tank that much but I would only put 99 cent gold fish in it.

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