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Thread: #231 - ION Mod Idea by NorthernRaptor

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    #231 - ION Mod Idea by NorthernRaptor

    i am thinking making the most of the capabilities or even push it farther. has three bays one is for the 7" touchscreen lcd which also has a remote built in used as a media player and possibly a pvr. the motherboard will be in the bottom. the two arms are for the led lighting that can highlight the shape dimensions and a 120mm led turbine fan on the lower front center. and on top back vent is where another blue led lighting can be placed. and to finish this off with a nice black polish finish would be sweet. i can see this with two 2tb hard drives with raid. i can keep alot of my movies in that on with all pic and music too. oh yeah, i almost forgot. with a mem card reader and 4 usb ports on the front would be great for games with the family and downloading pics from the camera. :twisted: :mrgreen:

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    #231 - ION Mod Idea by NorthernRaptor

    okay i got the pics this time

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