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Thread: #302 - ION Mod Idea by Pugsly

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    #302 - ION Mod Idea by Pugsly

    It would be BAD ASS if you could make something like this

    I want all the stones to light up with their correct colors

    Earth - Green
    Fire - Red
    Wind - Yellow
    Water - Blue

    I have a mockup now

    The base will be shaped like a square covered in egyptian hieroglyphics like the tomb.

    For anyone who doesn't know these are the stones from the movie 'The fifth Element'.

    Looks like this can be purchased for pre-order for Q3 2009 for $250

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    #302 - ION Mod Idea by Pugsly

    if you made this big enough the stone could contain the drives them selves

    some really long sata cables

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