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Thread: #234 - ION Mod idea by Mach

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    #234 - ION Mod idea by Mach

    Breakfast is the most important meal because it powers you for your day. QFT. If mods were meals, the most powerful mod would be breakfast. Ergo, the most powerful mod would have to be a toaster. Not just any toaster, a very powerful toaster, with wings...and probably flames...and of course, a very small but powerful motherboard, probably the smallest and most powerful motherboard available. I give you the Flying Toaster of Powah!

    Mod Gods, I beseech thee, mod it thusly. Hard drives - not one but two, large, enormously so, but with windows so that the enormity shows through. Vacu-formed or glass'd, if you be merciful, to resemble the Toast of Powah. The wings, to retrieve the Powah from on high, modded of edge lit acrylic or resin with LEDs casting the light of purest gold. The rest? Thy will be done. Errr, one other thing Mod Gods ... the flames? Pure hellfire that GLOWS ... please.

    and yes, I am exceedingly serious... behold....

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    #234 - ION Mod idea by Mach

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    #234 - ION Mod idea by Mach

    perhaps have the HD and optical drive mounted in the toaster slot, so you can pop them up...

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    #234 - ION Mod idea by Mach

    :face palm: Of course, the slot loading DVD drive in the center to slide out between the hard drives. Great idea!

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