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Thread: #299 - ION Mod Idea by rokcore

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    #299 - ION Mod Idea by rokcore

    My idea for a ion computer comes from my brother. I figure the least i could do while he is in Afghanistan is try to earn him a computer with this idea.

    Heres what the outside would look like.

    And heres the basic layout of the inside. *Looking at it from the front it would be about 7 1/2 inches wide*

    $170 for Motherboard
    $80 Blu Ray Drive (Here)
    $45 Hard Drive (Here)

    $300 for basic components with $200 left for materials and other components

    Hopefully you guys like the idea.

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    #299 - ION Mod Idea by rokcore

    i like it

    would be cool but dangerous if it were an r.c. unit

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