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Thread: #342 - ION Mod Idea by MaddMann

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    #342 - ION Mod Idea by MaddMann

    I would love to see a dalek made into an actual killing machine, well for online games anyway. It would strike fear and awe into all at the lan parties. :twisted:

    There are lots of plaves to either buy model daleks (like the one shown above) it took me about 15 seconds ot find some places (not to mention the one I already have) They start as low as 15 euros, and most come in one piece. has pretty good die cast daleks!

    Almost all of these daleks are hollow so it should provide ample room inside to place all the components needed, they CD tray (if you really need one) would probably have to be a verticle drive, while all the necessary componet outlets could easily be put in the back.

    There is LOTS of room for creativity in this one and seeing as it is already a killer robot that is known world wide, I see no reason why it shouldn't become a killer gaming machine!

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    #342 - ION Mod Idea by MaddMann

    Its actually been done just not using an ion based system. and it actually works really well.

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    #342 - ION Mod Idea by MaddMann

    the one that was done, was not actually a dalek, more of a garbage can with arms. I want one that can play some kick @$$ games yet can easily be taken with me to LAN parties.

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