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    #288 - ION Mod Idea by spiker #3

    I think a c4 or a bomb idea would be really cool. This picture shows the front of the computer. It would be about the size of a medium sized shoe box. The back of course would be normal with all of the needs-usb ports, ethernet port, etc. The front would have 3 switches that look like light switches but green or black, much thinner, harder to switch( not really hard), and would make a small click noise when switched. Below it is the round power button. After all 3 are switched on that allows for the electricity to flow through, but dont turn on the computer. After the switches are on you press the power button to turn it on. It would have a little LED screen like on a calculator that says armed after the switches are on, then when you press the power button it counts down from ten to zero. You can add some kind of effect if you want to when it counts down to zero. Just like master chiefs armour in halo where some parts of his armour petrude out in a usually square like pattern in certain parts of his armour, some parts of the computer will have square parts petruding out a little so it looks kind of blocky. The cd drive will come out of a cd drive sized part of the computer that petrudes out same with a little square in front that will hold a few usb ports, an SD card slot, and a memory stick / PRO slot. The little black lines on it that aren't pointing to a text are like scratches for detais. like master chiefs armour has scratches. The edges will be rounded not square and pointed. The color should have a color like this or master chiefs armour.

    I am not a halo nerd if you are wondering i dont even have halo i just know what he is and what he looks like

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    #288 - ION Mod Idea by spiker #3

    Lol, your post reminded me of the ATHF Boston scare where police thought these were bombs...

    I can see it now... "LOOK OUT! He's got an NVIDIA!" :lol:

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    #288 - ION Mod Idea by spiker #3

    The switches should probably just be for aesthetics, because it would be annoying if you had to flip 3 switches in addition to hitting the power button just to turn it on. Just a thought.

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    #288 - ION Mod Idea by spiker #3

    well if they wanted to you can just press the power on and have the switches just turn on the little LED screen for koolness if they want i mean cause no idea is perfect

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