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Thread: an annoying problem

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    an annoying problem

    I had recently replaced my cd/dvd-rom with a newer one (my warranty on my laptop was almost done and so they just sent me the replacement because i dont want to pay for something simple to install) anyways i installed the drivers that they had sent me and restarted my comp, well fast forward about a week.

    I had rented a dvd to watch and not wanting to listen to wake up anyone in my house walking to my living room(the floor squeeks) I decided to use my laptop, I put in the dvd well the dvd-rom started to spin like it was starting up, but it stopped. I tried cleaning the dvd, trying other dvd's one lady from tech support even said to re-install the media player i go in and check the drivers...they where corrupted.

    I ran a virus scan and re-installed the driver.. it lasted maybe till i tried using the cd/dvd-rom, I tried reinstalling windows and using the old drivers...nope, i then tried the new drivers again still nothing, i reconnected the cd/dvd-rom still nothing i even got a new one and still nothing, I also tried the tech support and after an hour of getting people i couldnt understand i finally got someone that i did, but i still had no luck at all.

    This is confusing the hell outta me...anyone know whats up?

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    an annoying problem

    is it only when you go to use a dvd in it - maybe the region setting is wrong, or could it be that you have a virus or something similar that is affecting the drive.. if all else fails maybe send it back perhaps theres something wrong with the drive as well.

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    an annoying problem

    one of the files is missing from what i can see so i think they might have given me the wrong cd/dvd-rom so im gonna give a call to hp to get the product number for the stock one

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