As a gamer on the go who travels often, I always wanted something something extremely portable. So why not put it right in a true gamers keyboard itself? Right inside a Logitech G15 or G19.

By raising the keyboard less than an inch, you could easily fit the Zotac ION ITX 230 mobo with a few heatsink mods, a hard drive and power supply into one compact (and flat!) unit. Even room for a portable power-pack as well if one were so inclined. Throw in a set of VR goggles and you have the ultimate portable-fragging system!

Imagine the freedom of only needing only needing 2-3 cords to game wherever you wanted to, one to the VR goggles, one to the mouse, and one to an outlet (optional with some creativity). People may look at you weird while you are pwning some random newbs while sitting in your favorite coffee shop via wi-fi or at 35,000 feet watching an HD movie, but it's not about them. Screw them! This system is for you and your enjoyment!

Edit: After another look, the DDR2 RAM would need an extender to lay flat or angled or right-angle riser cards. Along with the heat-sink cut down, possibly cross-cut across the fins to give more surface area as along with a 50-60mm fan for cooling. And Pull the air directly thru the top of the keyboard :wink:

Edit 2: Looks like I've been beaten to it... ops: