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Thread: #371 - ION Mod Idea by kiefeda

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    #371 - ION Mod Idea by kiefeda

    Howdy folks, here is my idea. Being a huge Buckeye fan, I thought it would be awesome to have an Ohio State helmet as my HTPC. I have no photos ready at the present, but I will work on that and get it posted soon. Basically, the motherboard and hard drive can be installed with brackets of some type to hold them steady with the cabling running out of the right earhole possibly, or even some small holes could be drilled in the back near the bottom to accommodate the cables. The helmet should be big enough to hold everything easily and it would look great in my living room. A shroud or panel of some type could be installed near the front of the helmet but behind the facemask to hide the inner working and enhance the look of the unit.

    Thanks for reading my post. I have a couple of other ideas I'm working on as well. I will post those shortly.


    P.S. As of this post, it has been 2077 days since Michigan beat Ohio State in football. GO BUCKS!!!!

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    #371 - ION Mod Idea by kiefeda

    Please add an image(s) to help make your idea clear to us.
    Thank you.

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    #371 - ION Mod Idea by kiefeda

    Sorry for taking so long, don't have the horsepower or software at home to do graphics work, low-resolution as this may be. Here is an image of my dream PC. I tried to keep everything to scale, I contacted a helmet manufacturer to get the internal dimension of the helmet and the mobo should just fit inside. An optical drive is optional, but everything else should fit nicely. There even appears to be room in the top of the helmet to fit a fan or a PSU if the external brick is not an option. Holes can be drilled in the back for the cabling, or they can go out the earhole on one side. Also, I drew in a bracket that would have to be made to fit it all together. I flipped the mobo upside down to accommodate mounting the HDD with minimal cabling. If the bracket is made to the correct size, it could slide right over the ear padding and just sit there without having to reach to the bottom. Some type of baseplate would probably be needed otherwise to support the bracket. There should be some type of shroud on the front to hide the internals. If one is made, an LCD could be installed if money permits. I have a shared wishlist on Here is the name "kiefeda's CPU/NVidia Contest" for searching purposes. It is modest, but the rest of the budget is taken up with the helmet.

    Thanks for looking.


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