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Thread: #341 ION Mod Idea by JonathanSmith

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    #341 ION Mod Idea by JonathanSmith

    Infrastructure Project

    Here is a podium computer, it was fully operational and assembled.

    Please see the website for the documentation and several pictures of the inner workings of this PC. The idea behind this endeavor was to create a computer that would be portable enough to bring to classrooms and/or presentations. With mini projectors now in the market, an all in one solution can be used within this PC, just stick it in the storage compartment,

    The product is convincing enough that passers by would not notice this as being a PC, as was the case when it was presented to my class. The idea was to get rid of those giant Podiums that hold an entire PC and use smaller ones that were already being used for the material to be presented. In the documentation there is several future design improvements that were intended, but was forgotten or not thought of at the time.

    Please see my website above for more pictures and the documentation.

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    #341 ION Mod Idea by JonathanSmith

    Is this idea or should it be posted in the modding gallery?

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    #341 ION Mod Idea by JonathanSmith

    This is my idea

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