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Thread: Project 'Helix'

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    Project 'Helix'

    I really wanted to have a gaming server so decided to buy a new one and donated my previous modded case to my brother and he gave his unmodded case for my new project. Off course I kept my hardware

    New setup...
    *Chieftec Case BX Series
    *AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4200+
    *Gigabyte AMD K8NProSLi
    *Western Digital Caviar 160GB 7200rpm S-ATA300
    *Zalman CPU Coller
    *Kingston DDR 1024 (2x)
    *A-Open A30 Geforce NX7800GT
    *Samsung DVD ROM
    *Akasa HD Cooler

    Old setup...
    *Case 'unknown' or 'it doesn't matter it will be modded annyways'
    *Gigabyte K8 Triton GA-K8VT800
    *AMD Athlon 3100+
    *Geforce XF5600XT
    *Apacer 1024 DDR (2x)
    *Maxtor 80GB 5000rpm
    *Lite-on DVD RW

    Just to give you an idea.

    Since i am a car audio fan and everyting related to that subject, I had a spare in dash
    7" LCD screen. I know I know, I'm far from the first one with a LCD screen. But for server purposes it comes in handy not to have an extra monitor.

    So here it is, soon to be changed for enternity and three days

    I had to test everything to make sure it still worked properly, and it did

    Removed 'unnessesary' parts

    Unfinished sidepanel still looks crappy, but what the hell, it'll do for now

    Top blowhole for 80mm fan.

    DIN rail (a DIN rail is common in Car Audio terms, it the space where you can mount your car radio) In Europe it's a standard and we call it DIN.Since my LCD fits in a DIN....

    Just to make sure it fits, a test

    Sidepanel with two blowholes for 80mm fan

    Since my LCD had to fit in my front panel, lets make it fit. I like working with polyester and the front panel is perfect for poly.

    The front panel is NOT MOUNTED, it just stands in front of my case, it looks like it doesn't fit :?

    Here you can see it does fit. But i still haven't decided to mount a DVD ROM and a DVD RW, or just a DVD RW. So there is a space either to but cut larger or made to fit just for DVD RW.

    br />

    My still crappy sidepanel, I don't know what the hell went wrong but i still have a lot of work on it

    In the top right corner is my beer BUT it's not just a beer, IT IS THE BEST BEER IN THE WORLD. If you don't believe me, give me your adress, i'll send you one :wink: I'm from Belgium and we make the best beer.

    Next to come..

    cutting my Helix logo and plexi

    As soon as there's anny progress I'll post an update.



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    Project 'Helix'

    Wow this is going to look so much better than the original case. Great work Helix looking forward to seeing it finished.

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    Project 'Helix'

    I like what I see. Can't wait to see the finished product, but will have to, and I like the size of it. I'm not big on big cases (maybe it's because I'm only 5'2&#34. They say Good things come in small packages. Keep us posted. :idea:

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    Project 'Helix'

    Looking great so far...

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    Project 'Helix'

    Looks like your off to a good start Helix.. Looking Good..

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    Project 'Helix'

    any updates yet ?

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    Project 'Helix'

    I need to agree with you! you live in the BEER KINGDOM!! Brazil have great beers, but the belgians are the best! here in Rio, we have a place called Belgian Beer Paradise, where sells only belgian beers! :wink:

    About the case: it looks great! let's see more!

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    Project 'Helix'

    I am having the same idea to build in an LCD like that.

    Is the quality of the image satisfying?
    Is it touchscreen?

    Nice mod, hope to see more updates, been a few months tho

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