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Thread: LAN Setup

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    LAN Setup

    Hello everyone,
    For a few months *since january or so* I've been saving up money to start a invite only LAN in my basement. My first thoughts were that I was going to build four or five computers at about 500 dollars each. This ideas was killed when I upgraded the computers to 600ish dollars and I figured I had to have money to set everying up...who would have thought. So, my final descision was that I would build 3 computers from scratch and upgrade a computer I was trying to sell for a total of four downstairs in the lan at a minimum. I bought headsets, mice, keyboards, computers, mouse pads, etc. All together it came out to around $2,055.

    Computer specs: (X3)
    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    512 MB G.Skill ram
    40 GB SATA Hard drive *easily upgraded for more games.*
    CD/DVD Cheap drive, no burning.
    eVGA 6800XT Video Card
    430 watt eXtreme power cooler master PSU.

    Upgraded computer specs: (X1, *= upgraded parts)
    3.4 ghz proc
    2.5 ghz ddr2 ram
    74 gig 10,000 rpm hard drive.
    CD/DVD Cheap drive, no burning.*
    eVGA 6800XT Video Card *
    450 watt antec smart power 2.0 PSU.

    Now, I recieved some boxes of parts today, the motherboards, video cards, hard drives, mice, keyboards, mouse pads, cd drives and I think that's it for what I got today. Tuesday I should get everything else.

    I'll be sure to post pictures, I just have to go and take them/upload them.

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    LAN Setup

    First set of pictures!

    Well, I've gotten half of hte computer parts needed to start *more like 3/4.* I went down and took some pictures, here's what I have so far:

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    LAN Setup

    []D [] []v[] []D !!!!!!

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    LAN Setup

    No idea what you're trying to type thrasher hahaha.

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    LAN Setup

    No idea what you're trying to type thrasher hahaha.
    I thought All geeks knew what that Spelled HAHAHHAHAHA
    It say's PIMP!!!!!

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    LAN Setup

    Haha, well, thanks much, it's most likely just me that didn't know what it spelt out :P.

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    LAN Setup

    Looks like your well on your way to having your own LAN center.

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    LAN Setup

    damn, that looks awesome.. i work in a computer place and that still looks great! oh btw are they 128/256/512 meg vid cards?

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    LAN Setup

    lol everyone is getting the 6800xt wtf lol omg if i had that many pc parts on my desk i would faint. btw locust those are gonna be badass setups

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    LAN Setup

    Thanks, now, when I get everything all setup I'll post pics, that means the computers AND the whole part to hold the computers *the lan BAR setup!* What I'm going to do somewhat soon is get linolium and make a desk coming off of the whole longest wall 3 feet out. It's going to be sweet. I'll post pics in the far future on it :P

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