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Thread: #306 - ION Mod idea by Landspeeder

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    #306 - ION Mod idea by Landspeeder

    The following case is built to look like it has been built out of high end automotive steel and candied black paint. It may be built out of painted MDF. The paint is clear coat, buffed, and polished until the entire case looks like a mirror.

    The box is seamless except for an indented chrome bar that runs along the inside of the left and right sides. A blue plexi insert (covered in clear along with the black paint) runs around the box and is lit from within. The intensity of the light for the top and bottom plates is determined by the volume of the sound. The intensity of the light for the middle top bar is determined by the heat inside the case (and will turn red/purple above a certain threshold). The intensity of the light for the middle bottom bar is determined by CPU utilization.

    The knob on the bottom is flush with the case except for a finger indent: this controls volume. Surrounding it is a thin ring of blue plexi… lit when power is on. The power button is to the right of the volume knob and it to sits flush with a thin lit ring of plexi.

    Up top sits a slot mounted Blu-ray drive.

    The screen is a touch screen. The hard drive is a solid state. This accesses a NAS for media streaming. The inside includes an integrated amp (25w+ RMS / channel to drive custom built matching HT speakers). The back plate has 5 speaker level outs, an RCA sub out, a HDMI out, an Ethernet jack, and a single AC plug. It also includes a filtered intake fan (bottom) and an exhaust fan (large, slow moving, and silent).

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    #306 - ION Mod idea by Landspeeder

    Though it is difficult to ascertain from the picture, the top and bottom of each section has a fully beveled edge. The black plates are as tall as the plexi plates. The slot loading blu-ray player is not in a square, but in a slightly beveled slot that also glows a soft blue.

    I also forgot to mention that the two chrome bars slide out the back of the case, and this unlocks the internal case which then slides out the bottom of the enclosure for access to the components. A 2.1 setup could be employed with a plate amp (32 w x2 RMS + 50 w x1 RMS)... but 5 custom built amps would be that much cooler

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