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Thread: #361 - ION Mod Idea by rjmc27

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    #361 - ION Mod Idea by rjmc27

    Build an ION PC into a full size keyboard. Then program the "f" keys to correspond to primary functions of the computer such as on/off, stand-by, internet access, etc.

    Once completed, the only two pieces of hardware will be the combination keyboard/ION PC and a separate monitor.

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    #361 - ION Mod Idea by rjmc27

    Please add an image(s) to help make your idea clear to us.
    Thank you.

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    #361 - ION Mod Idea by rjmc27

    Searching the net for images, I found (unfortunately) a company that offers a keyboard/PC combination. [web][/web]

    That image represents the general idea but the ION processor could result in a much smaller unit.

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