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Thread: #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

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    #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

    This is a mod I have been toying with for a while but size of componets were untill now a issue.

    The case is made from fiberglass resin brushed into a adult jello brain mold with el wire embedded in to the crevases. The internal cavity will house the ION and all inputs will be exposed through the rear of the brain. A simple plate can be screwed to the botton of the mold. Once the device is powered up the brain will glow from the EL wire and components will be visible through the clear resin.

    the mold is found here gory_Code=YHWQ

    It will be desirable to pre cut the section in the back of the brain mold to allow for the input plate.

    Since EL wire generates no heat the proccess for embedding is as folows (I know Fiberglass its fun to work with) the mold is first coated with silicon lube (yes the same stuff from your nite stand). Now a thin first coat of resin is brushed in waiting a few minutes to set up while that coat is still tacky lay in the EL wire. Once that has been done lay in a thicker coat buy pouring in a small amout of the liquid resin an rolling it around the mold untill it starts to jell. Additioanl coats are applied in the fassion untill the desired thickness is obtained. At the base inserts can be fitted into the matrix using fiber glass matting to allow for screws to attach the base plate tray.

    The Tray will hold the ION board and since the brain mod is just case cover, Access to the system board is a snap.

    And to kick it up a notch run the el wire power to the HDD activity light so when the hard drive is accesed the el wire will pulsate

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    #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

    that would be really neat to see, especially with a pink or red EL, that way it darkens the folds while making the flatter surfaces pinkish.

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    #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

    i posted the pics but it does not look like it working

    can any one see the images?

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    #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

    I removed the tags so they will work like links.

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    #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

    ROFL THAT IS AN AWSOME IDEA! Literally laughed when I saw the jelo molds they made.. HAH...People get waaaay into halloween... its just not healthy! IF the mold is big enough you could use a slot loading drive to come out between the two lobes, hidden away in there

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    #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

    Lol maybe for a zombie mmovie a zombie could eat the computer i mean "brain"! anyways cool idea

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    #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

    The rules state that the mod must be kept below 500.00

    I did a little price shopping and the hardware came in under 500.00 Minus the OS and i still have a copy of vista ultimate 64 left over from a freebee offer from microsoft.

    So i figure if my mod is not chosen im building it my self.

    MY parts list

    Mobo Video ---Zotac Ion-- $136.00 -- super biz
    DDR2 --CORSAIR XMS2 2GB X2 $55.98 --new egg
    HDD -- Western Digital WD1600BEVS -- $32.49 --Virtech
    Blue ray - silver stone SST-TOB02 -- $149.99 -- sun dial micro
    brain mold -- Qwiggle -- $13.95 -- Yankee harvest
    el wire -- Mutant Mods El Wire -- $5.95 -- Jab tech
    power supply -- Casetronic 120W Power Kit -- $85.00 -- logic suply
    fiberglass resin -- sherman williams -- $25.00

    Links -- ecd0fb24c01b5c1c907d6cc59 gory_Code=YHWQ

    Put that all togeather and it would sit nicely on my tv shelf as a multi meda pc....

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    #347 - ION mod idea by LurchChoas

    This would be awesome watercooled. The brain could be the bottom of a jar that doubles as the reservoir.

    -Link for brain mold= SCORE!

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