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Thread: #312 - ION mod idea by envoid

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    #312 - ION mod idea by envoid

    Hey everyone. This is my idea for a Zotac ION mod case.

    Basically, everything would be housed in the body where the candy would be. A hole in the back would allow for the power supply connector and then holes for all the other ports/backplate. The neck where the candy comes out would be a USB port for a USB key or maybe a USB port made to look like a PEZ pack or something. Maybe a BR- or DVD-ROM would be in an extra base at the feet for more stability as well if it looked right. And a laptop drive could fit above or below the ION board in the main candy area, or maybe just use the USB key as the main OS drive.

    I think it would all fit but not very sure on the measurements of the board or the PEZ dispenser, but probably would be close either way.

    Had this idea for some time for a regular case where the neck would hold the BR/DVD ROM. But building a scaled head would be very difficult for me if not impossible. The initial idea with this was to make it for my wife (she loves PEZ and has this clown tattooed on her ankle) but with the ION it would be next to our TV as a HTPC. It would be much cooler and quieter than the AMD that is there now, and it would save on the power bill a bit.

    Thanks! Will be interesting to see the winning submissions.

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    #312 - ION mod idea by envoid

    instead of 'PEZ' we could change up the colors and call it a Candy Dispenser

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