My Case Mod Idea johnlemus
My idea is an acrylic case in the shape of a Gibson Explore or Epiphone Beast that would be held up by a guitar stand or mounted to a wall like a piece or art.
The body it’s self should not be too hard to make out of quarter inch acrylic and the neck from half inch if not the neck of any 2nd hand guitar would work. You could also use the parts from any acrylic case like the joints and screws. The motherboard would be mounted at the bottom of the case so that the ports are where the output for the amp would be. Both the hard drive and Blu-ray or DVD drive should be mounted on the side or on the top depending how long the power cables could be made. The front of the guitar where the pickups should go will go a multi card reader and the front audio and USB ports. The power supply should be in the middle of the guitar where the humbucker should be. Under the front USB ports and multi card read you can place an assortment of fans 80mm x 80mm. You can also place an assortment of blue or red led’s around the edges so it would glow.
It should be easy to place this either by a computer desk or an LCD T.V. of any size.