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Thread: #360 - ION mod idea by SAVAGE

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    #360 - ION mod idea by SAVAGE

    hi my name is savage.
    My ion PC mod is based on the visuelle design of the orignal nintendo game system
    i call it the ION-1.


    Slim DVDRW
    SATA 2.5" Hard Drive
    4GB ram DDR2

    the black stripe is black carbon fiber and will have vent holes in top like on the orignal nintendo game system. where the nintendo controller port is 2 USB ports per controller port.
    the power led is red and the HDD led is green the power and restart button are in the same place as the orignal nintendo game systems power and restart button would be cool if the power led was in the pwoer button.
    where the nintendo game cartridge port is the Slim DVDRW will be like a laptops dvd drive not slot loading.

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    #360 - ION mod idea by SAVAGE

    Great idea for a mod, and nice visualization, but I'm confused at how you're gonna get the mobo to fit. The board is 6.7 x 6.7 inches, so it would need to be stretched a bit. Also, where would the PSU, DVD, etc fit? Otherwise, you have a solid idea, and very fitting to the mod (so much so that it's already been posted, but not this detailed).

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    #360 - ION mod idea by SAVAGE

    thx man

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    #360 - ION mod idea by SAVAGE

    Wasnt the original Nintendo huge? I remember the thing about the size of a VCR. Should easily fit the mainboard. HA would be awesome to put the dvd rom on a spring loaded system so that it emulates the loading area. Push down on it and it pops up, you stick your disk in the drive and you can hide it back in there lol. You could even get software for windows from that allows you to change your boot screen to anything you want... Heh... make it look like the old Nintendo loading screen.

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    #360 - ION mod idea by SAVAGE

    hehe... just think if you get old school coltrollers that you can hook up via usb. Can fool your friends into thinking you have an actual Nintendo... then go.."Who wants to play Fallout 3?" then switch it over hehe. Wonder if it will be an issue to cannibalize an old Nintendo system.

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    #360 - ION mod idea by SAVAGE

    i think this is a cool mod that looks like a classic Nintendo but with a modern look and thx for the positive comments

    old school Nintendo controllers for usb

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