This configuration would act perfectly as a HTPC because the premise is that the computer is contained within the subwoofer or at least a separate compartment attached to it that matches the aesthetic of the box. Any sound system can be utilized and the picture of the X-530 is just a mock image because it illustrates the idea. There isn't much to explain here, but a casing can either be built from scratch to accommodate all of the components as well as the actual subwoofer from a standard subwoofer's box or a separate box can be created to attach directly to the existing casing for the subwoofer. The mainboard would be mounted vertically to create a rectangular shape with a greater height than length/width so that it wouldn't drastically add to the size of subwoofer itself. The optical drive would rise out from the top, stealthed behind a piece of wood or of whatever material is used to construct the casing and the power button could be hidden on the back of the box where all of the cables and controls for the woofer would normally be. An IR port would be essential so that the system could be remote controlled to use as a hidden media center.