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Thread: #328 - ION mod idea by cookgeo

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    #328 - ION mod idea by cookgeo

    Cereal PC. Using a cereal box, old, classic, new, or original artwork, with a PC inside. The difficult part may be balancing it so it does not fall over all the time like cereal boxes tend to do. What am I saying? The whole thing will be very hard! Where to put the optical drive? Fan?

    I hope the box is thick enough for the heat sink to fit inside. A frame inside could strengthen it, and a foil lining inside may protect the paper from heat. I emailed 3 pictures to add to this post. Thank you for this contest.

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    #328 - ION mod idea by cookgeo

    choose a costco sized doublewide, all space problems are gone

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    #328 - ION mod idea by cookgeo

    Please add an image(s) to help make your idea clear to us.
    Thank you.

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