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Thread: The General Lee...

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    The General Lee...

    May I present, The General Lee, based on

    a shuttle SN45G V3

    Custom stickers courtesy of Stacy & Chris Rhodes of Edge Racing Engines in Windber, PA.

    I have to admit, I like the way it looks, but I'm too much of a perfectionist so at some stage in the future, I'm going to re-do it...

    Problems with this (in my opinion)

    1. There are a few little bumps/bubbles in the top sticker - MY fault for not cleaning it properly and/or applying it carefully enough.
    2. The top sticker is too large - MY fault - I gave the fabricator the exact dimensions.
    3. General Lee & 01 are the wrong way around on one side - MY fault for not being careful enough
    4. There is no white border around the 01's and there should be - Stacy got everything else exact to my specifications, so I'm assuming I didn't specify the border.
    5. Top sticker is about 2mm off centre - I applied it, so again MY fault.
    6. Top sticker should have a white border around it - 100% certain I didn't put that on the order so, shock!!! My fault again lol....

    I have nothing but thanks and praise for the stickers - anything wrong is my own issue.

    As a result I'm going to re-do this at some point in the future - it's "Good enough" but it isn't perfect - so this is now complete - I'm not going to clearcoat it as the stickers will probably end up being removed when I get around to re-doing it.

    Thanks all for your comments and suggestions, especially to TheGreatSatan for his suggestion about making it more than just an orange case.

    Slaveofconvention (Colin, in case you were wondering)

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    The General Lee...

    Haha all it needs is a daisy duke doll

    great paint job

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    The General Lee...

    Hell with the doll... give me a real look a like Daisy Duke

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    The General Lee...

    The paint is 2k primer, Hemi Orange basecoat, and a few coats of 2k clear - machine polished - full automotive standard... I got kinda disgruntled with the "pretty good" or "good enough" results aerosols tend to produce so I went out and got a compressor/air line/3 paint guns to do it "properly" - actually not that expensive to do - I figure I have maybe £150 in equipment but the paint cost is SO much lower - bear in mind your "average" 400ml aerosol has 100ml of actual paint in it (plus thinners, propellants etc) and I can buy a half litre of decent basecoat/2k for about £10 - easily equivalent to 5 or 6 aerosols - it'll soon pay for itself (hell it probably already just about has!!)

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    The General Lee...

    Well despite the flaws you see. I think it looks pretty slick!

    Did that shuttle come stock with a big ol' fan on the back too?

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    The General Lee...

    lol no - it came with a super-thin 80mm fan with loads of blades which sounded like an aircraft taking off AND barely kept the chassis temp below 55c - that 120mm is all but silent and temps are in the 36-40 range.

    It looks like it blocks stuff, but every port is accessible - only problem I have is that it no longer fits into the shuttle carry bag I bought for it...

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    The General Lee...

    I didn't think so but I wasn't sure. Haven't looked into those since the ol AMD XP processors. Hey if it works all the better though. Does it use onboard video or is your video card input sneaking in there to the right side?

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    The General Lee...

    And of course you have it play the famous Dixie Car Horn when windows starts, right ;-)

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    The General Lee...

    This shuttle doesn't have onboard video - weedy lil nVidia FX5700LE in there for video. It isn't much newer than the XP based machines - running a 754 A64 3000 (I think - might be a sempron 3000 or 2800 - I keep swapping processors around as I have 2 other PC's running on 754)

    As for the startup - I went one better than that - it DOES play dixie - but it also does this....

    [video width=400 height=350][/video]

    Who says the modding has to stop with the hardware? :twisted:

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    The General Lee...

    Haha, that's awesome. Although I was slightly dissapointed jessica simpson didn't do a little dance there at the end. hehe.

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