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Thread: #337 ION Mod Idea by Calhoun

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    #337 ION Mod Idea by Calhoun

    The Intel!

    What could be more awesome than having such top secret intelligence lying around your own base that you're playing Team Fortress 2 on?

    This would probably stand with the "switch box" portion on the bottom, with the power switch on the very bottom (second line/tier), with the white line with TOP SECRET across it near the top, and the USB ports placed in the box toward the top (first line/tier).

    The front would then be on the immediate right face, where the different drives (CD, DVD, etc) would be placed for easy access and very likely a forward fan underneath those (or above those) for cross ventilation. The back would be on the opposite side, to the left, with one or two regular fans for ventilation out the back as well as a place for the power supply to go, and various external connections (sound card, video card, keyboards etc.)

    I'm also curious about whether this is intelligence that RED and BLU are fighting to steal now, or just one tricked out gaming machine, but I guess it will remain a secret for the ages!

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    #337 ION Mod Idea by Calhoun

    haha! I like this.

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    #337 ION Mod Idea by Calhoun

    HAHA Awesome idea, it would be awesome if my spy sapper and the intel were both in the top 5.

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