When you talk about Ions people think future, they think efficient but effective, small but powerful. My idea of the mod is a compact and new age design.

Ive done a oval exoskeleton that will look like something found in the ion building in Singapore. The design has bought the psu and the disk drives at a 45degree angle that causes better airflow. The oval shape was inserted to make sure that the pc takes up as little space as possible.

All drives, buttons and side panels will be closed down with a mechanical shutter to give the mod a modern tech feel and the shutters will all be operated via a battery inside the case with a key as a switch.

The Idea of the oval came from the shape if an ion and also the exploding ions. The picture gives a clear indication of what I have in mind.

The setting I was thinking about made me think of a building like the Ion Orchard in Singapore or the oriental pearl in Shanghai China.


The case should be completely build with clear perspex with a red glowing center and a cool blue shine on the exoskeleton of the case.