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Thread: Project: Harmony

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    Project: Harmony

    Hey guys how's it going? I wanted to share with you my newest project. I owe a lot to Sheldog23 and Poman for their assistance with this case, and BTW I love the new site guys! I started this project back in April and wouls say it is close to 80% completed. It is definatly the most fun I have had with a case.

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    Project: Harmony

    Well it has finally begun. I got the case in today and it only survived the knife long enough for me to eat dinner before tearring into it.

    Breif description of what is going on. This is going to be my HTPC for the living room. Melissa built one for our bedroom and I decided it is a must have for the living room.

    It's a Lian Li PC-V880 and is a very well built case. (well was before I started tearing into it. :wink: ) The interrior hardware has not yet been decided as I am working on a few things and will need to see how that turns out. The case itself will be painted black, and will recieve a good dose of reflective plexi to the outside.

    On the top the Kanji for Harmony will be cut out and a sanded peice of plexi will be placed behind it. The plexi will be lit by blue LED, and then masked off so the blue light does not get into the rest of the case. Once that's done the top will be covered with a piece of reflective plexi awaiting the system to be powered up to show of the glowing Kanji goodness.

    The inside will be lit by whit cold cathodes and I am in the middle of cutting out the sides so that the interior will be lit up through the reflective plexi panels on the side. The front wil also recieve the plexi panel with a slit to accomodate the slot load dvd burner (thank you and in the other 5 1/4 bay the lcd display will be behind the plexi and will display info for tracks and channel info. There are a few more goodies planned for this including a modded xbox 360 controller for it as well. But enough of this and on to the pictures.

    Here is the case in it's virgin state.

    Hard to see in the pic but I marked off the cuts for the side

    Yay for goggles!!!

    Here is is after the rough cut, I spent about 2 hours after that with a file smoothing it out.

    Well I ran out of time for today so I will try and know out the other side tomorrow. and I will start drawing out the Kanji on the top to get it ready for the cut. I'm excited it's good to be working on a case again.

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    Project: Harmony

    Ok so here we go.

    First started today out with removing the other side and filing it down.

    The I removed a few more unneeded pieces... destroying them more like it.... What? I couldn't get to them because of rivited pieces. (no I'm not taking the rivets out I would never get this thing put back together.)

    The mesh on the front I mentioned in the quick mini-review had to come out as well. But it was held in with these annoying sticky strips, I had to use my finger nail to slow get it off.

    Next came getting the top preped for the Kanji.

    Before I cut it out I need some opinions. since the Kanji is hand written it can't be easily duplicated and I had to resort to drawing it by hand. Let me know if what I drew
    1. looks like the picture of what it's supposed to look like.
    2. does it look good enough to be cut out.

    Here is what it's supposed looks like

    And here is my freehand sketch.

    Tomorrow will be dedicated to the Kanji as it is a focal point of the case and I will either redraw it or spend hours making sure it is cut to perfection if deemed worthy. Well that's it for today let me know what you think.

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    Project: Harmony

    Well it drove me nuts and I couldn't leave it like that so I went ahead and redid the kanji so it looks a lot better now. I never was any good at free hand stuff but I think it came out better this time.

    Yay pictures! So not that large of an update but man I must say the difference between my new Dremel and my old is night and day. I really wish I had ad it before it would have taken a quarter of the time and wouldn't have had any of the mistakes from the cutting disks grabbing. but oh well what's done is done.

    First things first, this was the casebeing used temporarily for the LAN party on Sunday. Man those 7900GTX cards are awesome looking.

    And for another fluff photo here is the new Dremel.

    Here is the top after I got done with the initial cuts.

    I tarted sanding it to get rid of a few of my mistakes, It is going to be painted so it needed a good sanding anyways.

    I also prepared the frosted plexi to go behind the kanji, man does belt sanders work great for doing that. :-P

    That's about all I have for now. I don't think I am going to get to work on it much untill I get back from vactation. We leave monday but I have already filled my weekend :-(

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    Project: Harmony

    Ok well as I promised Sheldog, here is a bit of the Plexi he helped me to prepare, and then I riged up some cold cathods to show you what it should look like when finished.

    Here it is turned off, very shiny, very reflective. My catthought it was interesting.

    Then I rigged up som white cold cathods under it and placed the frosted plexi to give you an idea of how it should look.

    It will look even better when finished because the plexi on the bottom will be attached snug against the case but hope yall like it. I had to turn it off shortly after puttting that together because Melissa would have thought me a freak for staring at it continually.

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    Project: Harmony

    Ok well we tore the entire case apart and powder coated it. I will be reassembling it tonight so should have some more pics then. Only got one picture of us powder coating it (thank you Zap I appreciate it) because I forgot my camera.

    Thanks Zap and Mickey for staying up with me till midnight to get this done.

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    Project: Harmony

    heh Sorry about the lack of pictures but here are a few for you. I have a feeling I need to hurry, TXGF is comming faster than I thought.

    On to the pics

    This is the case assembled which I really am surprised I got it back together it's like a jigsaw.

    Here is the top panel, while being baked the bottom left corner got messed up I am going to try to get it fixed but it won't be a big deal.

    Shots of the interior

    Here is an idea of what it will look like when assembled, I started cleaning all of the edges on the plexi tonight and should have some pictures up tomorrow or so.

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    Project: Harmony

    Ok sorry this will be a bit hard to see it's hard to get the camera to focus on this stuff but here are the edges of he plexi and I worked on them

    This i how it looked before I started

    This is after 400 grit

    600 grit

    800 grit

    1000 grit

    Flame polished

    Not a bigupdate but this has been fun to do. I ordered a 400w Antec power supply and the sleeving, along with the aluminum fans. Hopefully will be here by friday so I can get some work done on that stuff this weekend. Until then I am going to get the lcd screen I got from Poman working and try and get it installed.

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    Project: Harmony

    Ok well started out the night by attaching my frosted plexi to the case.

    Next my attention turned to the sweet VFD I got wired up and I had to decide how to mount it inside of the case so that the screen would be flush to the plexi infront of it.

    This was a drive cover that came with the case. Which I give props to Lian Li for provide but they aren't my style. I ripped off the door and decided to use it as the base for my mount.

    I then cut a peice of plexi to just the right size to fit inside.

    I then found the center of the area and drew out my cut out

    Then cut it out and ran a test fit

    Looks pretty sweet and will function well.

    Next both peices had to be painted to match the case.

    Once the paint is dried the plexi will be glued into place as well as the VFD. Should make for nice clean look and was pretty easy to make.

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    Project: Harmony

    Ok tiny update after the paint had dried I assembled it all and here is how it turned out.

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