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Thread: #339 - ION mod idea by ring

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    #339 - ION mod idea by ring

    less than 200 words

    Well, this is my idea. It's pretty simple, but I believe people would like this - not just me. The things that I had listed in the picture does not necessarily have to come true - as this is only an idea for the modders.

    For the front picture I had listed an SD slot - this is optional.

    I'm more into gaming, and I want to get the most experience that ION has to offer, so I would like to see this in the computer: Minimum 2GB of DDR2
    The biggest size of SDD (from the freebies) or a HDD
    Super Multi DVD+/-RW (if not better)
    ITX Ion Motherboard + Intel Atom
    Windows XP
    250W power supply (at least)
    graphics card!!!! (integrated graphics if you need to ...)

    As I already know, the Xbox 360 is a bit small, so if you need to put the power supply out of the case (like the current Xbox 360). I would also like to mention that you can use case mods if you have difficulty finding cases.

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    #339 - ION mod idea by ring

    This could work

    you can get a broken one on ebay and use the case.

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