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Thread: #349 Ion Mod Idea by JohnLemus

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    #349 Ion Mod Idea by JohnLemus

    Nvidia Ion Gaming Chair.

    This would be a simple case that would be mounted to either the back or bottom of any commercial gaming chair This would make the gaming chair a true all in one solution.

    For example the BoomChair VX2 Gaming Chair seen here is only $79.99 U.S. 39323&ref=06&loc=01&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=9124789

    It has a large and strong enough bottom and back to allow easy mounting either inside or on the back.
    Inside mounting

    The Board would be mounted center back with the hard drive and blu-ray on each side. I believe the power supply could be mounted in the same area as the current one. the speakers could be left or removed and replaced by led fans.

    Any Gaming chair would work for this or the modders could make their own. materials should be cheap. mostly MDF Fabric and padding or an actual car seat could be used.

    One more example of a gaming chair that could be used and I think still works with the budget is the

    Racing Game Chair
    Item #: RGC6-C
    seen here

    inexpensive car seat

    One maybe able to find a usable racing seat at a junk yard for a lot less that a new one.

    Also one can find the legs and wheels of a good 2nd hand chair and attach it to the bottom.

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    #349 Ion Mod Idea by JohnLemus

    Make sure you build in one of these:

    Fantastic idea.

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    #349 Ion Mod Idea by JohnLemus

    Uh... this would be awkward to use for a computer I would think...Where would the monitor be? Since those rocker chairs are on the floor, you would be far away from a desk. I could see this be done for a chair that has wheels, like a glorified office chair... how much do you think it would cost to custom fab a monitor stand that would say attach to the side of the chair, pivot into place when you are using it? Love the idea though... just wonder about the monitor...Well.. unless you have a huge ass HiDef TV to sit in front of lol...

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    #349 Ion Mod Idea by JohnLemus

    His last image is easily the best:

    Good work once again.

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    #349 Ion Mod Idea by JohnLemus

    well I think a long Hdmi cable could easily attach to the back of a monitor or tv a long with the optical out.

    it would be three long cables that you can pick up roll up and move around any where you need it

    possibilities are endless

    Hdmi, Optical out, power

    hey if the fits into the budhet why not

    thanks you guys

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