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Thread: #343 - ION Mod Idea by xeromist

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    #343 - ION Mod Idea by xeromist

    I can't quite tell by the topic titles of the other entrants but I'd like my HTPC to be integrated into a functional center channel speaker. It's already going to be visible so why not have it perform more than one function

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    #343 - ION Mod Idea by xeromist

    While you have a good idea, I'd be personally afraid for this system. The magnets used in speakers are often pretty powerful, and if you have any electromagnetic activity (hard drives other than solid state, etc) you would have a problem. Also, the power of the electronic flow through inductors or other coils will produce a large EM field, which would distort the speakers in turn. The PSU typically has a lot of these coils.

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