Hello all,

Any book collector will tell you that the most powerful book in history has been the Bible. The story of how one man changed the world forever and inspired countless others has been known since practically the beginning of the movement in Jerusalem and Rome.

The book I envision for this mod would be based off of a Family Bible (the large bludgeoning weapons which some families are known to have). While many book mods have already been posted, I believe this one would be unique in that it takes the form of a Bible rather than a standard book. I have attached an image of one below for reference:

Since this book measures in at 9 x 12 inches and are usually about 3 inches deep, I think it would be perfect for the mod. I should state that I do not wish to have an actual bible gutted to make this mod, but just a similarity to one of the larger tomes which can be found either in antiquated museums or in modern households.

I have the provided SSD as the main OS drive and the backup HDD to store files and programs. With the case dimensions, it should be easy to fit a full 5.25" DVD-RW in it adjacent to the motherboard. With the design, you could easily call this the 'Gamer's Bible' or other terms widespread in the market today. The board should be able to support Eve online (given the low system requirements) to provide sweeping views using the inherent hardware.

I have outlined the expected costs below:
* Motherboard, RAM, SSD: Included for free
* PSU (available from mini-itx.com): $75
* Adapter cable (available from mini-itx.com): $58
* DVD-RW (Sony Optiarc Slimline from mini-itx.com): $65
* Fan (80mm Scythe SFlex SFF80B from Newegg): $15
* HDD (HITACHI 0A57546 250GB 7200 RPM from Newegg): $65
* Case crafting: ~$23
Total cost for this mod: $300