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Thread: #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    2-24x48x1/4" smoked plexi
    1-24x48x1/4" UV green
    1-24x48x1/8" UV green
    1-48x1 1/2" smoke gray rod

    $221.69 before shipping. -I love Delvie's Plastics!!

    Way in budget!

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    @cheapskate - This mod makes me feel inadequate =(

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    Awsome looking idea, but they only have 60 days to do it and a limited budget. While I personally would pay like 2 grand for this easily, doesn't this seem a bit daunty for a 60 day project?

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    I think its kinda unfair for people who already have a leg up in the custom computer fabrication industry, if you can call it that. Most of us, and I would think those with the big/ great ideas... Dont have the long years of experiance with 3D modeling software Heheh. Wish I had the skill this guy has in designing and what not his idea... Would make my sphere idea even better. Props to you, at the very least I would expect you to be one of the top 5 people...If they dont get scared away from your idea all together. This is one of those ideas that they will either love all the way, or hate it completely.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    Awsome looking idea, but they only have 60 days to do it and a limited budget. While I personally would pay like 2 grand for this easily, doesn't this seem a bit daunty for a 60 day project?
    Nah, cut it out with a laser or router and it will all go together fairly easily. It would be tight but not unthinkable. Besides he could always simplfy the design.

    At those who are worried that his rendering skills give him a leg up I wouldn't worry. I good design is still a good design. Even if it's written on a napkin. I think the builders are going to be looking at what is "coolest" to build not so much the artwork.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    He is right, do not think for a second fancy renders are needed. Every builder in this group "thinks in 3D" no matter how the design is presented.

    You also need to remember who is judging the builds, and what their goals are and what they are promoting. All 5 builds are going to be well done. What I mean is that there will not be a LOT of difference in build quality as they will ALL be top notch. It is going to come down to which of the DESIGNS best promotes nVidia's idea of what ION is.

    If you think this design beats one you already submitted, make a newer and better design and submit that.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    Thanks, everyone.
    I still want to hear Bill's take on my naming.
    @Sheldog23 - Simplify? NEVER!!:lol: I'm waiting for the 10th. Someone always comes along and knocks my designs in the dirt.
    @Shodan - I think the time constraints on this contest are the big problem. The last contest Bill was a part of had a guy join from nowhere. We helped him learn Sketchup, and he ended up with a fantastic design.
    The promoter is wanting to make this a yearly thing. That means everyone here has lots of time to come up with a winner for next year, and even time to learn Sketchup. I've seen people become masters in less than a month.
    As for the love it or hate it thing... I'm used to that. :mrgreen: I get a lot of bi-polar opinions.
    @MaddMann - 60 days? I missed that bit. I need to fix the model and get all the mounting parts and stuff done before the 10th now. I could still be disqualified. I have no clue what kind of power supply this thing can use. The 4-pin molex means a Pico-PSU isn't compatible. If I get the parts set up right, they could be cut in a few days.
    It might take 60 days for someone to figure out how it goes together, though.
    @montresor83 - Sorry about that. My main intent is to watch cool stuff get built. I'm notorious for for posting suggestions to modders of stuff I'd like to see done.
    -If I get to keep what they make... Well, that's even better!

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    +1 on what BoxGods said!

    You should also keep in mind that the promoter is a corporation, and are limited by the rules of the corporate world. If your idea is something that has a copyright on it, they may not have permission to reproduce it.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    First of all your idea is very cool. Second, how long did it take you to model that? and where did you get a model of the MOBO? Im a SolidWorks/Pro-E guy and ive only played around with sketchup.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    i think people have misconceptions on what the contest is about. works will not be judged based on how pretty pictures look. if da vinci posted the mona lisa, that wouldn't make him the winner. the contest is about concept and creativity, how well you display what you have in mind through words and images, and how well the concept suits nVidia ION itself. i dont think it's unfair that he's come with his own unique concept, and displayed it well... and though maybe tough, it's by no means impossible to beat this. that's what the contest is all about, and anyone can do the same, with some thinking and work. but nice job! very bizarre and cool design. XD

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