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Thread: #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    -The idea was: Why hide such an awesome platform? Make it cooler than the TV it sits under, (or bolted on the wall next to.)
    The entire case would be made from laser-cut 1/4" and 1/8" plexiglas. Odd shapes would be built from layers glued together. There is some milling involved with some of the parts, like the baseplate.

    -The base is 2 layers of 1/4" UV green plexiglas and 2 layers of transparent black, roughly 18" square. The layers would be glued together, and then the slots cnc milled out. The Nvidia logo would have to be made from lasercut layers and glued in place.

    -The model still needs some tweaking, but the shapes can be exported for cutting. I originally built this around the Pico board, so the thicknesses are off right now. The original concept was something like a mechanical octopus, with cables and even hoses running out of all the holes.
    The 120mm fan would be slowed down as much as possible.

    -Green/blue components are attached to the bottom half. Reddish/orange parts to the top. The bright red screws hold the two halves together.

    -I swiped a similar Zotac motherboard and fan model from the Sketchup computer parts library.

    -The top half of the core is in brown.

    -The motherboard tray also houses a laptop optical drive and 3 SSDs. Parts are minimal, but materials will run about $300.

    -And here's some alternate color/material renders. The core here is metal.

    -This one is UV red plexiglas and metal.
    There's a lot of fitting, gluing, and sanding involved, but it should make a nice show piece. The base doubles as an anti-theft device.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    Looks like a winner to me, that is an awesome looking mod!!

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    WOW! super creative, I love it.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    Those sure are some nicely rendered 3D images you got there. This may be just me, but what is it? When I started scrolling down and I saw the first picture, I thought it looked like some kind of video camera on a stick or something. Nice images though.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    @Nissan - It's a computer... on a stiiiiiiick.

    I forgot to mention the vandal switch should be mounted on the end of a hose. All the dangly cables would add to the mechanical jellyfish look.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    ROFL fitting title.

    Nice one Cheapskate, but where are all the cables and tubing you speak of? :P

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    Wow...where do I vote for it!? Lol great title! I bet its gonna win!

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    @ Bodd - Should I MSPaint them in? Cables in 3d are a PITA.

    I have an image of you guy's all throwing up your hands and yelling, "Not it!" at the same time.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    OK...Fresh render of back with wifi dongle.


    -and one with quickly shopped cables and stuff out the I/O plate.

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    #418 - ION Mod Idea by cheapskate

    You, sir, have skill with autodesk.

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