Please consider building a special case in the shape of a twenty-sided polyhedral dice (icosahedron) or "D20" in honor of the original inventors of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game who've both recently died. Mr. Gary Gygax died March 4, 2008 and Mr. Dave Arneson died April 7, 2009. The case is a fitting nod to two talented men who changed the world forever, providing gamers world wide with countless hours of enjoyment, not only through D&D, but through the hundreds of computer role-playing games inspired by their innovation and imagination. Computer games like World of Warcraft (featuring elements of D&D, elves, dwarves, gnomes, etc.) might not have existed without their inspiration. The case design is as follows:

The case is made from translucent Plexiglas, preferably red, orange, yellow, blue, green, clear or "smoke" representing the "gem" dice associated with D&D. A simple, elegant design, the D20 facets are essentially identical equilateral triangles. Glue, heat-resistant, or metallic clips are used to bind the facets of the dice together, whichever is most attractive. The facets are numbered from 1-20 by etching or frosting the numbers into the Plexiglas. The top facet of the dice is the "20." This facet also serves as the lid, so the inside can be accessed easily. Unobtrusive silver or bronze hinges are ideal for the lid and a matching cabinet knob is attached to make opening easy. Bright interior LED lighting gives the dice a beautiful glow. Matching D&D thematic cooling fans and cables complete the design. The overall size of the case fits the hardware. USB ports on accessible facets are a welcome bonus as is a temperature management control. Power and all "unattractive" cabling are at the "rear" of the D20. Please refer to the foldable model and inspirational photos. Thanks!

Foldable Model

According to Geometry

Ancient Roman Glass D20

Average Blue Gem Dice

Glowy Teal Dice

An Artist's Interpretation: Stained Glass

Updated (August 4th): Added photo captions; added links to Wikipedia for Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson.
Updated (August 6th): Updated pics with more reliable photo location.