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Thread: New 3R Systems Case coming Soon?

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    New 3R Systems Case coming Soon?

    Ok 3R Systems has had some nice some not so nice looking Mid-Towers, although some of their HTPC enclosures are much cleaner... and yes their not carried by a bunch of different retailers. The R101's weren't that bad, so I'm checking their site as to any news and I notice they have this pop up when I Google them.

    After checking the picture out… click on the English link at the top and it takes you to their Homepage where there are several views of new cases. The only one that might get my attention is that R110 with the Aluminum extrusions, that might help dissipate HD heat a little. One thing they normally have going for most of their designs is good inlet air flow and this looks to have that also.

    But as 3R product have been previously... they are hard to find here in the US and very pricey. I do see has some of the older enclosures and the prices are down, but still expensive for what they are.

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    New 3R Systems Case coming Soon?

    No fair it let me post all the above and I wasn't logged in...
    It was me I'll take the credit or the lashing.
    Casecutter ops:

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