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Thread: #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

    PS: There is no brainmold inside BrION. When people look inside, they will see the motherboard and the components in action, like looking into a normal computer.

    A quick photoshop I made to display the logo

    The making of BrION and other notes

    - Originality was one of my main goals in designing the case. BrION was designed from scratch and came to life after some thinking and tweaking. The idea I had in mind was to emphasize the human brain, because nothing is as compact yet as powerful as the brain, and without the brain, the ION would have never been possible in the first place. First I drew the human head, but its look was too boring and simple. I decided to improvise and tweak the drawing as I went in Photoshop, even having the BrION go from a male appearance to a female appearance. I wanted to keep some aspect of simplicity rather than going overboard with complex designs, because sometimes the simple is what is most attractive, but I wanted to give BrION some tweaks that made her look interesting and unique. One of my main focuses was to keep the "brain" visible and somewhat exposed (as seen by the transparent material on the forehead displayed in the art work), so that non-believers can see for themselves how small yet powerful the ION is. After all, no one is left unimpressed after finding out how such a small organ can control every organ and muscle in the human body, and this perfectly represents ION: something so small that can be so powerful and can do so many things. The microphone, webcam, and extra components represent different aspects of the human anatomy, and how it only takes that one little organ, the brain, or in this case, the ION, to be able to control so many aspects of the human body, or in this case, of the CPU. The inside of BrION's forehead (the area where the ION is placed) glows red to give the ION an important, powerful, and sovereign look.
    I am not very good at 3D modeling yet, so I went for a more artistic take. The art work is most certainly nothing impressive but it is pretty good for an art done completely with mouse in photoshop (as a side note, the art work looks better zoomed out). It also serves its purpose by conveying the vision of what BrION should look and be like… well… the mouth is supposed look like it's glowing red (like the Wii’s disc drive glowing blue), but it looks more like the Joker’s mouth… so don’t mind that.
    Although I do have a basic idea of how the computer functions, I am by no means an expert in this field, and therefore some of my ideas may not be possible or suitable, and I cannot go into extreme details like many other great ideas have about exactly where components go. Nonetheless, I do hope that BrION is a feasible idea for a CPU, and I do hope she catches the attention of many, and at the same time gives the modders a bit of fun and challenge.

    Components and specs

    - Zontac Ion Motherboard (Sponsored)
    - 4 Gigabytes of RAM (Sponsored)
    - SSD (Sponsored)
    - Hard Drive 200-250GB (Around $50)
    - Affordable and efficient cooling system (less than $30)
    - Small and compact multi-card reader. (Less than $50)
    - Small, spherical, and compact web cam (around $50 for nice quality)
    - Affordable microphone (Less than $50) (as a note, the microphone should look like those one piece one ear headsets, with the microphone extending close to BrION’s mouth, but not too close as to disturb the disc drive. The microphone should be one that can register a person's voice without the person having to move to close to the CPU)
    - Nice and affordable Blu-Ray Drive or DVD drive depending on the budget (around $100 or more)(It is also important that the disc drive is the slim one, where discs are inserted in rather than having to open a tray and place it there. But if those are too expensive, the normal Blu-Ray drives or the slim DVD drives should be good)
    - Materials and tools for case (The rest)
    The most important components are the materials needed to make the case, sponsored components, the Blu-Ray/DVD Drive, the hard drive, and the multi-card reader. Whether the webcam or the microphone is added is up to the modders depending on their budget. However, the appearance of the BrION should if possible still be retained no matter what components are removed.

    - The BrION’s mouth section’s circumference should be large enough to be able to fit a Blu-Ray drive and discs. The brain section’s circumference and area should also be large enough to fit all the components of the ION. The overall size should be a lot more compact and a lot smaller than a standard cpu, but should be as large as it needs to be for everything to fit. Also, the artwork displayed is not in full scale size compared to the monitor, though it should be around that size.

    well, there ya go. hope you guys like my concept, and i hope you modders are up to the challenge . Thank You.


    I have drawn another photoshop art to display how the back would somewhat look like. This art might not be 100% consistent with the previous one, but they are close enough. And I know I was a little lazy with the ports and connections in the artwork, but I do not have as much time as I would like to have. But this should be good enough. The back shows the fans and the connections. Of course, once again, I'm not an expert when it comes to computers and components, so some of these ideas may not be suitable or feasable, so it will be up to the modders ultimately to decide how to place these components. But whatever the case, this is my vision of BrION, and how she would somewhat look like if she were sitting next to my monitor. I hope you like it

    Final Notes

    Like I mentioned various times above, though I do know the basic stuff, I am not an expert in computer hardwares. From what I read the contest is not about building the computer, coming up with all the materials, coming up with all the components, and coming up with the prices (though of course, the more information the better, and I have tried to add as much detail as I could think of). I believe I read it's about the concept, how it suits the ION, and how the concept is displayed in words and images, and of course, how feasible the idea is. Even though my submission may lack the depth and details of exactly where components go, exactly what the components are and have inside, exactly what the prices are, exactly what the measurements are, and exactly what materials are used, I hope this contest appeals to everyone and is based on creativity. Not all have great knowledge of technology and components, but if there is one thing everyone has, it is creativity and originality.

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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino


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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

    hey, thanks for commenting... but i just looked at your "closer to the human brain" post and mine looks nothing like yours. yes... they are both heads... but that's about it, yours has no details, descriptions, or info. sorry if you feel that i "stole" your idea but i didn't, i've never even seen your post before until now. i have been hard at work developing my own ideas. i have come up with my own look, my own design, my own name, my own idea. but like you said, modders will know who's idea was stolen by who. so should you ever decide to add on to your work using my ideas, and think that "i'm doing your work for you" keep in mind that modders know who stole whose idea, so just a little precaution, be careful with what you add on . but anyways, i saw all your submitions. good job on your ideas, good stuff .

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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino


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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

    Very nice and well-thought out concept! But... shouldn't the name be "BrIONna" if it's a female? lol

    I wonder if you could find a mannequin bust somewhere that would be big enough to fit components in. Then you wouldn't have to build from scratch.

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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

    lol, thanx, your ideas are pretty nifty too.

    i'm glad you like it thank you for the compliments . lol, yeah, the name is something that hasn't been finalized... but hey, Samus is a female with masculine name right? XD but i'll look into it.

    and yes that's a nice idea, i just hope the manequin busts are resistant enough to heat and what not. i'll deff look into that as well . but in the end it's up to the modders right?

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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

    I have upadated the post to display BrION's back aswell. Hope you guys like it.

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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

    If you don't mind spending 10 seconds, please answer my poll . Just a little curiosity. Oh and please be honest... if you think it sucks don't hesitate... and if you, can suggest something. Thank you.

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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

    i think its great, really one that stood out for me so i had to vote for ya

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    #415 - ION Mod Idea by Erchino

    Thank you vote much appreciated.

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