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Thread: #358 - ION Mod Idea by Shodan

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    #358 - ION Mod Idea by Shodan

    Ok this I would think would be both fun and funny. If you know computers then you most likely.. and should... know of Inspector Gadget. Originally I wanted to design a replica of Penny's super book computer thing... always using that thing to save uncle Gadgets hide.. But alas, never could find a good view of it. BUT I do have the next best thing. One of Inspector Gadgets trademarks, other then his WOWZERS! phrase, his omni potent Fedora hat!

    Normally I would put alot of time into designing and placing all the hardware inside this bugger, like I did in my last few submissions...Since we are short on time, and other reasons.. I wont. Besides, it will be a rather simple build. Getting a fedora is rather easy, just find one that best matches the coloration and shape of Inspector Gadgets hat, finding one big enough should be no problem. Everything should fit nicely inside this, a slot loading or even tray loading drive will be simple enough to hide. Building a inner shell for support of the hardware should be easy. All port access can be centralized in the back, cover able by way of panels used from the cut away portions. Ventilation can be done either having a high powered case fan that can such the heat away and out the bottom of the hat... Or you could also put it so the ventilation port is on the top of the hat, and easily disguise it so that its not too noticable.. Some sort of mesh you can pain to match the gray of the hat around it. Should be an easily cheap build, a Fedora is not an expensive thing. Leave plenty of budget to put in higher grade components, an extra SSD or two...Well... not much expandability on the ION mobo.. so maybe plenty of extra external goodies... *shrug* anyway... Simplistic, but it has its nostalgic value.. and hey... the coolest part...

    ITS A COMPUTER YOU CAN WEAR ON YOUR HEAD! May not be stable since half or more of the total depth of the hat is taken up, but you could still wear it hehe. God forbid you drop it though..

    As a secondary idea... Make a USB port(s) available on the very top of the hat, buy a cheap Blue roating police light, should be able to mod it to run off USB power and you can plug it into the top of the hat for fun!
    Example of USB blue light that can be used Here

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    #358 - ION Mod Idea by Shodan

    who's not a fan of inspector gadget

    I like it

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