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Thread: #383 - ION mod idea by [TMC]mofo

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    #383 - ION mod idea by [TMC]mofo

    My idea is to build a homemade projector, either inside a scratch case or inside a microatx case, with the mini itx powering it. The case would house a mobo, terabyte hdd, bluray drive, and a psu. The projector itself is simply a 6/7/8 inch lcd stripped to the bare display panel. A light source shines thru the panel reflects off a cooled mirror, through a focusing lens and onto your wall. The light source is often the expensive part of a home projector, so to hit the budget the light will instead be an array of ultrabright leds. This will also lower the internal temperature of the projector. The lcd panel also needs adequate cooling to prevent burning, hence the fan mounted near the panel. This idea is great for a lan, backyard party, or simply a htpc setup. Who doesn't want a pc powered 20' display!

    ultrabright low angle leds

    projector schematics
    projector design

    (ps go boddaker!)

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    #383 - ION mod idea by [TMC]mofo

    Lumenlab used to sell projector kits that used metal halide bulbs (big, but super bright and only about $50 instead of 300-600) You might check around to see if anyone still has the plans for their kit.

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    #383 - ION mod idea by [TMC]mofo

    Friend told me to reiterate this a bit so...

    The point of this mod is a lan friendly (i attend every lan in the area and out of the area that I can 10 or more a year) projector that can play movies, clips, or even in game competitions (ie steam tv). The projector itself is fairly straight forward, googling diy projector provides a hundred different versions of the same idea (mirror, no mirror; leds, metal halide, classroom projector; gravity cooled, fan cooled; etc). The real novelity of this mod is the small size and functionality of the ion allows for high quality, high capacity, and high functionality with the ability to use a monitor or projector to display media in a small package.

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    #383 - ION mod idea by [TMC]mofo

    This idea seems really practical and useful, I'd love to see this at a lan!

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    #383 - ION mod idea by [TMC]mofo

    Parts and Price list:
    Blu Ray Drive Sata
    Newegg 60$

    Lcd Panel
    OnVon 43$

    Power Supply
    Modders choice 50$

    100 leds superbright 15 degree
    Super Bright LEDS 100x .99$

    Sample Projector Parts
    Focal Lens 35$
    Fresnel Lens 25$

    Or Complete Projector Kit w/ bulb (no panel)
    Complete Kit 350$

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