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Thread: #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    Final Submission
    My idea was to create a case that would make a statement and that would be more than just a static case. I am very into radio controlled vehicles and recently have built an R/C rock crawler, which inspired me to design this case. I wanted to the look of the twisting suspension and the go anywhere idea. The case is inexpensive with an industrial look, that the user can touch and interact with. The case is "go anywhere" in the fact you could set it on top of almost any surface and the legs would compress and extend to adapt and give the case an awesome look. I have always loved the mechanical/organic look and tried to emulate that without making the case look to busy or cluttered. I personally like a clean, simple design (KISS) with a unique feature.

    The main body of the case is simple and composed of inexpensive materials. It consists of a 7.5"x7.25"x3.5" black painted/anodized aluminum box with cut outs on the top for green acrylic inserts with LEDs inside. The motherboard is mounted upside down to the top plate with 2x40mm fans mounted to the bottom plate. I kept the main body simple with clean lines to contrast with the long curved legs. The legs would be 1/8" aluminum with spacers in between to provide rigidity and the whole case would be suspended by 2"-3" R/C car shock absorbers ($15 a pair) which would be anodized green. The tips of the legs will be coated in rubber to prevent scratching and provide grip when the case is set on an uneven surface. The top screws can be removed and the legs folded underneath to make for easy packing. The components of the case are can all be made using a CNC mill or lathe and fastened using standard size screws keeping build time well under 60 days. The internal components will be those provided by the contest sponsors (Zotac ION board, MicroATX power supply, slim DVD/CD drive, RAM, SSD, ect...). All dimensions can be easily changed to accommodate changes in components or ideas provided by the professional modding team.

    The case was modeled using SolidWorks. Let me know what you think! Thank you.

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck


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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    I like.
    If you could sneak some big ball bearings into the base of each leg, it could roll a bit too.

    I'm storing the RC car shocks in my cool ideas folder for later use.

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    I was thinking of putting wheels mounted to servos on each leg controlled by an Arduino, but it would ruin the look of the legs. As it is the tips of the legs will be coated with silicone rubber to keep it from sliding off of whatever itis resting on (don't want your new case to go rolling off your desk lol).

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    Just playing around with some of the colors. Im planning on putting the NVIDIA logo in the middle I think it would match the colors nicely. Im no artist so let me know what you think!

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    Ah, you changed the radial pattern on the top to something more symmetrical. It looks much better that way.
    You might need to buy it a scratching post to keep it from clawing your furniture.

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    Na, was planning on sharpening the ends and using it as a weapon . But seriously, the ends will be rounded slightly and rubber tipped to protect whatever it sits on from serious injury.

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    I don't know if It looks better with the shock springs as internal springs or external? Here is it with the external springs. Opinions?

    Edit: (I also added a little action shot in the first post lol)

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    External. You want to emphasize the mechanical bits.

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    #380 - ION mod Idea by Roboduck

    I like it. Make it six legs, with servos (ION-controlled thru an Arduino), add a battery pack, and it's an autonomous walking ION!


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