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Thread: #364 - ION Mod Idea by murphythadog

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    #364 - ION Mod Idea by murphythadog

    I've been wanting to do this mod for quite some time. It would be the shell of a Chopper Tank. Painted and hollowed out. It would be nice if it was easy to disassemble. I think the fan should some how come out of the gas tank lid. I put all the drives and power buttons up front but they could easily be on the side as well.

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    #364 - ION Mod Idea by murphythadog

    I like that its just the gas tank and not the whole thing

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    #364 - ION Mod Idea by murphythadog

    Yes my wife is against the idea of me being able to purchase a whole bike so I thought it would be awesome to at least have a tank. It's a bit safer, however she would get a nice life insurance check if I did.

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