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Thread: #374 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp

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    #374 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp

    This was made in Google SketchUP so if you want sick graphics like these get it.


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    #374 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp


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    #374 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp

    Hey Nemaster, seems your icon also puts someone elses idea out of running. Someone wanted to build a PC that used the old nintendo system like your icon. Meh. That was one of my first ideas, along with a companion cube.. that too has been done.

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    #374 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp

    I actually just finished building it with the Zotac IONITX-A-U board just before finding out about this competition. Other people have built NES PC's before me though. for more pictures.

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    #374 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp

    I think you should change the title of this thread, but as for the idea what do you mean by "for tobacco use only"? what would be the point, how would it lay out?. Or is this just a joke and should this thread be taken down?

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    #374 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp

    If you ever go to a head shop, they sell bongs. On the bongs it says "for tobacco use only". He is saying make a computer out of a bong but keep the label...

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