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Thread: #370 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp #2

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    #370 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp #2

    Amaze your friends! Bewilder your coworkers! Look at porn in public!

    Introducing the NEW HATCOMP! This revolutionary design combines power and portability to creat the most useful computing product in a decade!

    Have you ever been wondering what the capital of Uganda is whist hanging out with your friends? Then HATCOMP is for you! Just power on the patented HATCOMP bill monitor and get a-googling! Your friends wont have any idea where you got your information!

    HatComp Commercial!

    HatComp Documentary

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    #370 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp #2

    I smell sarcasm...

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    #370 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp #2

    I just pissed myself. This is awesome!

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    #370 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp #2

    Revised OP to include links to HatComp related media.

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    #370 - ION Mod Idea by bongcomp #2

    Ok, this one definitely gets an A+ for creativity

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