Sorry I am no artist, but this is a visual representation of the Ion Computer I would want. The box can be made to what ever size is really needed quite easily, and the rest can be had from taking apart a $20 mouse and implementing the product into the design. This can also easily be adapted to have a keyboard on it so that all you need is a monitor (unless you go far enough as to build in a small LCD)

All the parts needed for this can actually be obtained for less than $500

I was thinking of the Ion board, with the hard drive from an 80g Ipod (which is easily removed) and can be purchased for less than $100 from ebay. The wireless card can actually be taken from a laptop and the case constructed from almost any material. The other idea I had with it was to actually go as far as making the hard drive from flash memory and being able to just put in things like 32gb flash cards for additional memory. All you really need in the computer is a hard drive big enough to hold windows and it updates. A 10-15gb hard drive is extremly small and can easily be obtained as a constant state hard drive. All the games a person needs can be installed to flash memory cards and can be changed based on the need.

To me it seems like the ultimate LAN party computer, it truly is plug and play. I have seen lots of the computer mice having the ability to save profiles, on them, but why get that when you can have it all just built into the computer itself.

On another note, if you did decided to take all the parts from the I-Pod, you can even salvage the screen on it. This way a person can constantly have the monitor set as a primary and use what ever computer they hook it up to as an external or secondary monitor. Looks cool, nice functionality, and best of all it won't break the bank.

Tell what you think!